Recently Launched Products

Recently Launched Products

At Nerrad Tools, we are always working at developing and broadening our product portfolio. In recent months, we have expanded our range of essential plumbing tools for your tool bags.

The Nerrad Tools Abrasive Cleaning Strips and Rolls

Our robust 10 pack Abrasive Cleaning Strips and a 5m Roll, can be used for cleaning up the inside and outside of new and old fittings, and roughing up plastic, metal and wood surfaces. These fibreglass mesh products are bonded with 180 grit silicon carbide on both sides for longer lasting usage, also featuring an open mesh material to prevent clogging. These are a waterproof, high-performing, long-lasting alternative to traditional sandpapers that are non-splintering and non-rusting.


The Nerrad Tools High Tension 300mm Hacksaw with 24TPI Blade

This professional quality hacksaw comes with a 1-year warranty. Ergonomically designed the handle has two plastic components to ensure a safer grip and comfort within the hand whilst in use. Featuring an internal blade magazine within the detachable tube frame for storage of spare blades. The hacksaw has an integrated clamping key within the handle for quick and easy blade changes whilst on the job. Saving time and effort.

The 15m Drain Down Hose Flexi Pro

Manufactured using the toughest of nitrile rubber and PVC Blend this hose is the perfect addition to your van, designed to lay flat when draining down a central heating system allowing the water to flow through with gravity. This hose comes complete with a metal thumb turn connector and Velcro straps for easy, tidy storge.


Junior Hacksaw and Blades

This compact, traditional Junior Hacksaw is designed to help the plumber achieve neat and precise cuts with tight access to pipes. The smaller blade of a junior hacksaw is ideal for fine and precise cutting jobs, and it’s often used for sawing plastic tubes and small metal pipes, as well as some carpentry tasks. Having 24 teeth per inch means that you’ll achieve clean and snag-free results – perfect for metal-cutting jobs where you need to be really accurate. The blade is easily changeable, and should you need to replace it, we have the Metal Cut Spare Blade and the Universal Cut Spare Blade.

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